Nazi Nicknames List.

Found on Axis History Forum (and shamelessly pasted right from there).

Here are few…

Martin Bormann = called “Bormännchen” by the Eastern SA Gruppe under Stennis (The “- chen” ending is a diminutive ending in German. So, in English, it would be like calling him “Little-Bormann.”) 
Martin Bormann = “Braune Eminenz” (“Brown Eminence”). 

Eva Braun = called “Die Blöde Kuh” (“the Fool Cow”) by Hitler’s inner circle.

Kurt Daluege = called “Dummi-Dummi” by the Eastern SA Gruppe under Stennis 
Kurt Daluege = called “the idiot” by Heydrich. 

Hermann Fegelein = “Flegelein” (a play on the word “Flegel” which means “lout”.) 

Joseph Goebbels = “Der kleine Doktor” (“the little doctor”). 
Joseph Goebbels = “Mahatma Propagandhi” 
Joseph Goebbels = “Giftzwerg” (”poison dwarf”) 
Joseph Goebbels = “Ungebleichter Schrumpfgermane” (“unbleached shrinkage Teuton”) 
Joseph Goebbels = “Die ratte” (“the rat”) 
Joseph Goebbels = called “the limping devil” by Gregor Straßer [“Der hinkende Teufel” or “der humpelnde Teufel”?] 
Joseph Goebbels = called “the scheming dwarf” by Gregor Strasser 
Joseph Goebbels = called “Wotan’s Mickey Mouse” by Röhm 
Joseph Goebbels = called “mein Doktor” (“my Doctor”) by Hitler 
Joseph Goebbels = According to Speer, Goebbels was always referred to as “the Doctor” in party circles because the party simply did not have many doctors of philosophy among its members in the early days. 

Hermann Göring = “Der Dicke”. (“Fatso”) 
Hermann Göring = “Hermann Meier”. (Meier (Maier, Meyer) is quite a common German last name. In 1939, Göring promised in a public speech that no enemy aircraft would reach Reich territory - else he could be called “Meier.”) 

Ernst Hanfstaengl = “Putzi” A childhood name meaning “cutie.” 
Ernst Hanfstaengl = “Hanfy.” 

Rudolf Hess = called “Hesserl” by Hitler . 
Rudolf Hess = called “Fräulein Hess” by Otto Strasser. 
Rudolf Hess = called “Fräulein Anna” by Ernst Hanfstaengl. 
Rudolf Hess = called “Fräulein Gusti” by Ernst Hanfstaengl. 
Rudolf Hess = called “Black Paula” by Ernst Röhm. 
Rudolf Hess = called “Black Grete” by Bella Fromm. 
Rudolf Hess = called “Black Emma” by Erich Ebermayer.

Reinhard Heydrich = “Das blonde Biest” (“The Blond Beast”) A very common expression in German. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Die blonde Bestie” (“The Blond Beast”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Itzig Süß” These are typical (German) Jewish names. When Heydrich was young(er) there were apparently some rumours that he was of Jewish descent, and one day when he visited his hometown, Halle, someone said ‘Guck mal, der junge Itzig Süß in Marineuniform!’ (Look, that young ‘Itzig Süß’ in a naval uniform!’) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Isi” Short for “Isidor,” another typically Jewish name. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Reini” a diminutive of Reinhard. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “der blonde Moses” (“The Blond Moses”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “der weiße Moses” (“The White Moses”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Moses Händel” Also is an ironic reference to the rumour that Heydrich was Jewish Georg Friedrich Händel, the famous composer who, like Heydrich, was born in Halle, and because of Heydrich’s wonderful playing on his violin. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Der blonde Siegfried” (“The Blond Siegfried”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Die Hebbe” (“The Goat”). Apparently Heydrich had a highpitched voice and a very peculiar way of laughing, which to some resembled the bleating of a goat. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Die Ziege” (“The Goat”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Der Ziegenbock” (“The Billy Goat”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Die Himmelsziege” (“The Snipe”) A snipe is also known as a ‘Himmelsziege’ (“Heavenly Goat”) in some German-speaking areas, because of the ‘bleating’ sound produced by the tail-feathers of male snipes during mating season. 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Henker Heydrich” (“Hangman Heydrich”) 
Reinhard Heydrich = “Oberverdachtsschöpfer” (“Chief of Suspicions”)

Heinrich Himmler = called “Heini der Wimmler” by the Eastern SA Gruppe under Stennis 
Heinrich Himmler = called “schwache Nummer” (“weak number”) by Franz von Pfeffer 
Heinrich Himmler = Called “Heini Himmler” by most of the SS. (“Heini” means a little boy who’s afraid of everything due to the fact that Himmler never fought at all). 
Heinrich Himmler = called “Reichs-Heini” by Göring. 
Heinrich Himmler = called “der König Heinrich” within SS circles (Because of his interest and comparison of himself to King Heinrich the first, designing his personal room in Wewelsburg castle after him, for example.) 
Heinrich Himmler = called “Uncle Heini” by SS men behind his back. 
Heinrich Himmler = called “My Ignatious Loyola” by Hitler because of the evident adoption of many rituals and characteristics from the Jesuit Order founded by Loyola.

Adolf Hitler = called “The Tribune” by Hess. 
Adolf Hitler = called “Der böhmische Gefreite” (“The Bohemian Corporal”) by Paul von Hindenburg who mistook Hitler’s home town of Braunau am Inn (Asutria), for Braunau in Böhmen. 
Adolf Hitler = called “That Bohemian Corporal” by Gerd von Rundstedt. 
Adolf Hitler = “Drei Liter” (“Three Litre” ?) 
Adolf Hitler = “der schöne Adolf” (“The beautiful/handsome Adolf” German women in the 1920’s and 30’s evidently found the Führer quite handsome) 
Adolf Hitler = “Grofaz “(an abbreviation of Grosster Feldherr aller Zeiten , or Greatest Military Genius of all Times. It was used by disillusioned officers who knew that Germany was losing the war in the late summer of 1944. Or perhaps “Gröfaz” was originally invented by Keitel as a positive nickname, to ingratiate himself with AH.) 
Adolf Hitler = called “Gustav” by Oswald Spengler in letters (after Stresemann’s death, when the name was “free”), because of the famous 17th century Swedish king Gustav Adolf. 
Adolf Hitler = called “Wolf” by the Wagners, Bechsteins, and some other high supporters, after a pseudonym he invented for himself. 
Adolf Hitler = called “Carpet-Chewer” in reference to his rage states where he “chewed the carpet.” 
Adolf Hitler = referred to by the code name “Gustav” (perhaps as a reference to the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus)in Oswald Spengler’s correspondence. 

Wilhelm Keitel = called “La Keitel” (punning in German with lackey “Lakai”) by the Wehrmacht staff officers. 
Wilhelm Keitel = called “Nickesel” (“the nodding donkey”) by other generals. 
Wilhelm Keitel = “Yes-Keitel”

Joachim von Ribbentrop = called “dreckiger kleiner Sektverkäufer” (“dirty little champagne salesman”) by Göring. After the Great War Ribbentrop worked as a wine salesman, then later he married the daughter of a wealthy champagne producer. 


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